Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Search for a hero

I probably needed some cheering up today - my moods have been all over the place, even though I saw blue eye shadow girl. Maybe I should just ask her out? I had a friend of mine who once sent an e-mail to a girl in a travel agents he liked. It was all a bit stalkerish, he sent her this really long e-mail about how pretty she was, and she did actually reply, but only in a "is this a wind up" kind of way. I'm pretty awful with letting people know I like them. I'd love to be smooth and wear a big Usher coat and hang out like a homie and get love in the club, but it's too late for that old nonsense. Besides, knowing how much of a micro-manager my manager at work is, she'd probably follow me into the club as I tried to make a smooth move and provide me with helpful motivational tips and asides. I hate motivational tips and asides.

Anyway, enough of that. It still cheers me up that I've been able to slip the "be champions" from Jose Mourinho's puppet on Setanta Sports into these micro meetings and have it taken seriously, that's lifted my spirits. It's also got me thinking about adopting a blog mascot, well, not so much a mascot but someone who can guide me through these dark and disturbing times. I've always had heroes in my life, most of them have played sport, and most of them have ended up being quite disappointing, but I think it's important that even at 29, you still have a role model. I've been using Blog Explosion to try and get some hits on this website and a lot of blogs seem to be quite motivational in tone, using the posts to try and help others say, lose weight or do something political or simply seem to be 200 posts in a row saying "I'm really going to make this blog work - LOLZ!" and then posting a Youtube clip of a cheeky cat. Well, if my lack of interest is still there in November, I might very well be resorting to cheeky cats on Youtube, but at least I'll go down with an inspiration and someones words of wisdom (no not my manager) ringing in my ears, words of wisdom I hope that I can pass on if I've got nothing else to write about. I've narrowed my options down to 4 candidates, and here they are.

Rocky the Airdrie United Mascot - a controversial choice for me given a) I hate Airdrie and b) what's wrong with St Mirrens own Paisley Panda? Well, it's all in context. In the programme for Airdries 2005 match with St Mirren, the manager uses the word "disappointing" no fewer than 9 times in his programme notes, while the chairman bangs on about financial prudence in his section. So much for ambition. It's left to Rocky in his "Fun Spot" to come up with the inspiration. He's the only person in the whole programme to encourage cheering and support for the team. I feel like I could benefit from Rockys wisdom, and at opportune times, he could just say "Come on Michael!" while everyone else was moaning at me and leave me feeling inspired.

Sister Sharon Stringer - in 1993, she held the world record for fastest bed making according to my 1993 Guinness book of records. Thus, as a nurse, she took her job and did something productive with it, something I haven't done for years. She met Roy Castle. Well, not that that's an option for me these days - but I could still meet Cheryl Baker I suppose.

Miles McClagan - I figure I need a male role model, and if you look, you'll see I'm doing these posts under the name Miles McClagan. He was a Scottish tennis player. He was once one round away from playing Andre Agassi at Wimbledon. He lost. I find that oddly inspirational. In a Scottish way.

Alisa Camplin - I used to really like Olympic gold medallist Alisa Camplin back in the day, even though she's not my normal type. Wil Anderson once told a very funny story (yes, I know, me neither) about her training on the trampoline. Her book High Flier is very inspirational in many ways. Inspirational in the same way my manager thinks is inspirational. That's not fair, I just didn't like the two pages which were a list of her sponsors I guess and she tries very hard and is a nice person. She even blames herself for the fact her boyfriend didn't win a medal. Like I said, she tries very hard. Alisa that is, my manager doesn't. Anyway, I wonder if I could slip in a few choice Alisa Camplin quotes from her book into the endless meetings we seem to have. "I may be short but I'm never small" is just an outstanding quote. Besides, if I lived my life according to this book, I'd be a non stop high flier!

It's a tough choice, one that I really have to think about...

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