Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The awkward first post

Ah, a new blog, I bet everyone is thrilled. This will be the awkward stage, the stage of self doubt and wondering why no one is commenting. Anyway, the point of this blog, is to basically look around my room, Hobart, and surrounding areas, and find things to write about. Most importantly, I'll be looking at my big pile of football programmes, and making some social comments on the contents. Yes, riveting like I said.

What is annoying me is our local radio has recently adopted a Perez Hilton segment. Yes, it is that bad, although what is annoying me is he calls himself, quote, the gossip gangster. Now, I admit I am amazingly white and not familiar with gangsters - but I can't imagine drive by Reese Witherspoon updates. I don't think Underbelly would have been very interesting if instead of busting some caps, they busted out some Lindsay Lohan updates.

Yes, he is worlds most loathable human being. But at least, having made this startling point, I've got over first post anxiety. Onwards and upwards...


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