Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm a Miley Cyrus fan in a Powderfinger world

I mentioned in one of my previous posts about how dodgy it's beginning to look for me, at 29, to hang around the wrestling figure section of my local store. I personally don't think this is a bad thing, I like to see what they've done in the way of a Deuce and Domino double pack - but society is a harsh judge. Something worse than that has happened though, my favourite song right now is See You Again by Miley Cyrus (although this is entirely because it sounds like Sunglasses at Night) and I spent a little bit too long today looking at a Hannah Montana guitar, because this is a phenomenon I'm not part of and I was interested, when I suddenly realised this is probably a very weird area of this store to be hanging around in - get yourself over to the football jumper part of the store and stop this weird loitering.

So I feel a bit weird (it may be the Banjos sausage rolls) being a Miley Cyrus (slight) fan in a Powderfinger world called Tasmania. Now, I will admit I have no idea at all what I am supposed to be listening to musically right now that would be cool and trendy. If you were trying to keep up with what was trendy and cool in the UK in the mainstream press, you'd probably just about be on Adele and Duffy by the time Climi got involved. If I was to judge the poshest store in the world, Harrods, I'd listen to a lot of Nickelback since that's what they play really loudly in the sports section. If I studied the charts, I'd listen to nothing but Coldplay and U2. And since i live in Tasmania, I should probably be listening to a solid diet of Powderfinger, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers and Silverchair. I don't find any of these options palatable. I really at this point don't have a favourite band or singer. I like Melissa Mars and Chungking and Jenny Wilson, but bring any of that up in discussion at Irish Murphys and see how you are travelling.

Musical credibility is hard won and easily lost anyway. I think I tuned out my inner Richard Kingsmill when Triple J started championing Kylie Minogue and I liked the first Britney Spears album. To be honest, I think back to those tedious days when we all listened to Triple J and nothing else as in hindsight quite amusing. Now, there's nothing wrong with Triple J, it does a good job, but they lost me when Adam and Wil left and took Gypsy from Home and Away with them. When we first listened to Triple J it was essentially to listen to one band. I remember we had many, many discussions at my school about this band. Triple J constantly told us they were huge, and with a nod to Tony Martin, they were just doing then what the Knack were doing back in their day. Everyone really liked this fantastic band, and it was pretty much social death not to. One of their songs was played every single night on Triple J, and we would gather round the wireless to tape their songs, and hope that they would tour. Had this band toured Burnie the whole town would have ground to a halt, and we all assured ourselves as we smoked dope that this band would be as socially relevant in the next decade as they were now - would Triple J and their aching cred lead us astray?

That band? Bush. Hmmm...Miley Cyrus doesn't sound so bad does it?

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